Book production, edition and design

  • Design and book production is an important part of publishing licensing. Faithfully rendering each licence's unique universe in various formats such as children's or young peoples' publications presents a stimulating, albeit complex, challenge. We at MYRSL can intervene anywhere from the initial concept to the final delivery in any specific format, covering all phases of both the
  • creative process and final endorsement. Successful publishing of children's and younger audience's books calls for rigorous content and a dynamic graphical approach. As book packagers, we ensure our work focuses on quality and values.

    The services we offer for publication production for all ages include
  • concept and project development, graphic design, content writing, lay-out, coordination and management of images, illustrations and PDFs for printing.
Planet 51. Un llibre d'activitats Publisher: Grup 62 Year: 2009
Planet 51. Un llibre amb adhesius Publisher: Grup 62 Year: 2009
Tiana y el sapo

Publisher: Beascoa Year: 2009
Bienvenidos a Animalville

Publisher: Beascoa Year: 2009
Nuestros amigos
los animales
Publisher: Beascoa Year: 2009
G-Force. Libro de adhesivos

Publisher: Beascoa Year: 2009
G-Force. Aviones de papel

Publisher: Beascoa Year: 2009
Disney Fairies: Beck y el viaje más allá del mar Publisher: Beascoa Year: 2009
La Hondonada de las Hadas

Publisher: Beascoa Year: 2008
High School Musical. Sólo para fans Publisher: Montena Year: 2008
High School Musical. Un año en East High Publisher: Montena Year: 2008
Descubrir cómo es

Publisher: Oceano Year: 2004
Descubrir cómo funciona

Publisher: Oceano Year: 2004