Collectibles production, edition and design

  • Covering a wide range of subjects, coordinating publishing teams with diverse profiles, as well as reliability and punctuality are key factors in creating and editing serialized publications and collectibles. As book packagers with a long experience of working for large groups in this sector, we are mindful of the importance of combining visual impact with
  • factual accuracy, and the need to summarize when producing collections aimed at an audience with varied tastes and interests.

    MYRSL can either intervene throughout the entire process or take part in some of its phases. The services we offer include project conception and development, lay-out,
  • graphic design, drafting and development of content, coordination, production and management of images, illustrations and PDFs for printing.
El Cuerpo Humano

Publisher: RBA Year: 2009
Dibujo y pintura

Publisher: RBA Year: 2009
Aprende jardinería con la Abeja Maya Publisher: Planeta DeAgostini Year: 2009
El árbol de los cuentos

Publisher: Planeta DeAgostini Year: 2009
Mickey Geo

Publisher: Planeta DeAgostini Year: 2008

Publisher: Salvat Year: 2008
Bebé genial. Guía para los padres Publisher: Planeta DeAgostini Year: 2007
Universo Manga

Publisher: RBA Year: 2007

Publisher: Planeta DeAgostini Year: 2006
Osos Amorosos

Publisher: RBA Year: 2006
Curso práctico de Pilates

Publisher: RBA Year: 2005
La casa de Blancanieves y los siete enanitos Publisher: Planeta DeAgostini Year: 2005
El maravilloso mundo de Beatrix Potter Publisher: RBA Year: 2004
Manualidades Art Attack

Publisher: RBA Year: 2004